Amara La Negra

Amara La Negra

Miami R&B Artist

Born and raised in Miami Florida, Amara La Negra, born Diana Danelys De los Santos, channels the sunshine state for inspiration as musical direction to connect with her fans globally. She conveys a vibrant collage of Spanish and Caribbean experience while channeling a R&B and Hip Hop inspired concept in delivery. Amara has a formal educational background in performing arts, dance, modeling, and acting. Amara's approach in her life and its obstacles that attempts disruption in her light remains to be unstoppable. She is of Dominican and Italian descent. Though her mother, an immigrant who arrived in the United States via the Mexican border, had to play the role of a mother and head of household: she supported Amara La Negra's career by any means necessary. Her mother took her to auditions and supported her as Amara La Negra went on to win the Sabado Gigante's contest "Miss Chiquita" in 1994. This contest was the performer's first international exposure. Amara La Negra went on to be featured in commercials for brands like Hawaiian Punch, Oscar Meyers, and Walt Disney World just to name a few. She has been a part of Premios Lo Nuestro, Latin Grammy, Premios Juventud, Latin Billboards, among others notable special engagements broadcast around the world.

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