Dennis Brouwer

Dennis Brouwer

CEO, Leadership Enthusiast, Award-winning Navy Tactician

Dennis Brouwer is the CEO of The Brouwer Group LLC, a firm that helps companies achieve peak performance by tackling leadership and teambuilding where it begins…in the mind of the leader. Modern neuroscience tells us that the human mind is incredibly adept at reinterpreting the immediate past, present, and future in ways that help us to justify inaction and silently undermine our capacity for change. By focusing on the Eleven Essentials of Leadership, Dennis creates a new path forward in which we literally retrain our brains to think like elite leaders by replicating and repeating the “elite response” in common conditions faced by leaders.

“Learning by Doing” is what made our brains what they are, and it’s the cheapest, fastest way to retrain our brain for growth, happiness, and prolonged success. He calls on cutting-edge research and his own experience as a business executive, entrepreneur, leadership coach and Naval Flight Officer hunting for Soviet submarines in the north Arabian Sea. He lives in rural Virginia and is the author of The Return on Leadership, a self-taught Jeep mechanic, cabin restorer, and brewer of fine beers.

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