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How California Teacher Erin Gruwell Inspired a Generation of Writers

Erin Gruwell took a job student teaching at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, California in 1994. Over the next four years, she found she changed not only her own life but also those of the 150 students that passed through her classroom. A recently completed documentary digs into her story, which was the […]

The 10 Best College Presidents

Freeman Hrabowski has a problem. The president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), has been so successful at cultivating his school’s reputation for steering African-American students toward science and engineering — fields in which they have been traditionally under-represented — that he fears the university will be forever typed as a hard-discipline powerhouse […]

UMBC President Advocates for Inclusive Excellence in Science

Getting through an advanced degree program in science is a bit like a long marriage: It takes commitment, the resolve to work through complex problems and sometimes help from outside sources. In America, only about a third of all students who start college as science majors will graduate with a science degree. What will it take to […]

Temple Grandin Makes Passionate Plea to Educators in Knockout Speech

When Temple Grandin spoke at the SXSWedu Conference & Festival opening keynote presentation in Austin, Texas, on Monday, the famed author and autism advocate made a number of points about reforms our education system needs to make to benefit children of all abilities. “We want to help students be everything that they can be,” she began. Grandin explained how […]

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