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This explorer found the Titanic. His new mission: Solve Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.

Explorer Robert Ballard has found enough sunken ships to start a modest ghost fleet. The Titanic. The carrier USS Yorktown lost at Midway. President John F. Kennedy’s patrol boat sunk in the warm Solomon Sea. Ancient vessels in the Black Sea knotted with mariner skeletons. Now, after decades of finding the nearly unfindable, Ballard will […]

Oceanographer Bob Ballard Reveals Titanic's Nuclear Secret

Oceanographer Robert Ballard stunned the world when he discovered the Titanic. But, not many people know that his discovery came about while he was on a highly-classified U.S. government Cold War mission. In his latest keynote, Navy commander, Dr. Ballard, recounts the real story of discovering the sunken ship on the bottom of the ocean while in search of two nuclear submarines. A powerful storyteller and a passionate scientific educator, Dr. Ballard founded […]

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