Frans Johansson

Frans Johansson

Author, Innovative Thinker, Founder of The Medici Group

Frans Johansson is the best-selling author of 'The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts and Cultures.' Translated into 19 languages, 'The Medici Effect' was named one of the top 10 best business books by

In his book and in his presentations, Frans clearly shows how the best ideas and innovation come from collaboration between people with diverse experiences, skills, expertise, perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. Simply stated, Frans is known for making the business case for diversity. He packs his programs with plenty of examples and gives people what they need to know and what they need to do to break down silos and bring out the best that everyone has to give to any challenge or opportunity. Regardless of rank or where they reside on the org chart -- even if they are not on it.

Frans has lived all his life at the intersection where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide. He founded both a Boston-based software company and a medical device company operating out of Baltimore and Stockholm, Sweden. Frans has advised executives and captivated audiences from Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Walt Disney Co., Johnson & Johnson, and Nike; as well as startups, venture capital firms, government agencies, and universities around the world. Frans has worked with 30% of the Fortune 100. He has been featured on CNN’s 'Anderson Cooper 360,' ABC’s 'Early Morning Show,' and CNBC’s 'The Business of Innovation' series along with Jack Welch and Muhammad Yunus.

Frans' latest book, 'The Click Moment,' sets forth a bold new strategy to harness the unexpected for success in today’s fast-paced, unpredictable world.

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