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Why You Can't Choose Between Creativity And Data

The advertising industry has changed dramatically. Brand CMOs have become responsible for business objectives in addition to brand goals — and that impacts everyone in a leadership role, big brand or not. In today’s C-suite, data makes the rules, which is why executives have increasingly turned to tech-enabled consultancies for marketing advice over the past […]

Surprise, Your Next Customer is Closer Than You Think

You know the scene: A sleek-looking storefront, a velvet rope, stone-faced security guards—and a line 100-people deep trying to see if they can score a pair of rare sneakers or a limited-edition T-shirt. The so-called “drop” has become a quintessential part of the modern retail experience. It’s a way for brands to build hype, influence […]

Will Equity Crowdfunding Live Up to Its Hype?

The JOBS Act, with its crowdfunding provision, was supposed to be kick off a revolution. Now anyone could invest in high-risk startup equity. It was supposed to disrupt the entire business of venture capital. Equity for all! And then it took four years to implement. Equity crowdfunding for everyone finally became legal last May. And […]

The Tony Robbins Podcast: How Crowdsourcing Can Ignite Your Business

If you are familiar with Tony’s events, then you definitely know about Business Mastery. This 5-day immersive seminar is a deep dive into the business growth strategies, systems and resources that you need to take your business to the next level. It’s not just a business growth conference. It’s a platform for explosive growth. You learn […]

Driving Innovation In Customer Experience With Josh Linkner

There’s a lot of talk about innovation in the business world. But innovation is more than just a buzzword—it should be the culture and mindset of customer experience professionals. The best customer experiences push beyond the norm to provide creative, unique and memorable experiences and services for customers. According to best-selling author Josh Linkner, customer […]

Ford's 2019 Look Ahead Suggests 'Trust' Opening For Automakers Over Silicon Valley Rivals

Ford’s futurist has picked up some sobering data on how consumers globally view digital technology and its purveyors. And in the process, Sheryl Connelly may be giving her bosses at Ford and at other automakers some interesting grist for their approach to autonomous driving. Connelly is just coming out with her seventh annual prognostication on […]

Ford’s Challenger: 5 Questions With Futurist Sheryl Connelly

Ford has looked into its crystal ball and identified trends that have led to two momentous decisions for the company: returning to Detroit and phasing out passenger cars and sedans. Sifting through the mountain of data to identify actionable insights is the bailiwick of Sheryl Connelly, Ford’s global futurist. While it’s a grand title, Connelly is quick to point […]

Most Parents Would Trust A Self-Driving Car More Than a Stranger, Ford Finds in Trend Report

If forced to choose between putting their child in driverless car or in a vehicle driven by a stranger, the majority of parents, Ford reports, would prefer a non-human to take the wheel. “When we talk about trust, that’s somewhere where we see something really jumping out at us,” Sheryl Connelly, futurist at Ford ($F), […]

What Customers Really Want (and it isn't more choice)

It’s all very well for organisations to say they are becoming more customer-centric, but what are those customers like and how do they behave? During a recent trip to Australia, digital transformation specialist and former Microsoft executive Nancy Rademaker gave some insights into the customers of the 21st century. First and foremost, they are highly […]

Breaking Rules In The Toy Business

While kicking around the possibility of getting into the toy business, entrepreneur Nicholas J. Webb found that industry experts felt that the best way to turn a profit was to create a toy that children would get sick of within a week or so. After their excitement over a new plaything had waned, they’d toss […]

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