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Krister Ungerboeck helps leaders unearth unseen potential in their organizations, their teams, and themselves. Krister is a leadership archaeologist and an award-winning CEO of a global technology company.

Prior to retiring from corporate life at age 42, Krister Ungerböck was the CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world—a company that grew over 3,000%, achieved 99.3% employee engagement and won 5 consecutive Top Workplace Awards. The Language of Leadership was inspired by Krister’s experience learning to lead teams in two foreign languages, building businesses on five continents, and observing the language of leaders while doing business in over 40 countries.

Yet, Krister’s most profound leadership insight did not come while he was the CEO of a global company.

It came at the YMCA.

Staring into a bathroom mirror, eyes swollen with tears, he saw for the first time the leader he’d become—a leader with no followers. He realized that, in his quest to become a successful leader of a business, he’d failed as a leader of people.

He began a journey seeking the secrets that had eluded him all those years as CEO. His journey took him to the uncharted leadership lands that you won’t read about in the business media.

And it was there that he discovered The Language of Leadership.

Because it’s a unified language of leadership for both our personal and professional lives, The Language of Leadership appeals to people at all levels in organizations, including people who don’t aspire to leadership positions. The Language of Leadership helps people to lead at work (and at home) with more accountability, compassion and emotional intelligence. It’s a universal leadership language to helps people balance toughness with kindness, intellect with emotion, and results with relationships.

A seasoned CEO who has spoken to thousands on 5 continents—ranging from Sydney, Paris, Cape Town, Hong Kong and Dubai—Krister speaks primarily in North America these days. He moves audiences by taking them on an emotional journey that weaves together intriguing, humorous stories from faraway places with deeply personal, cautionary tales of lessons learned from great business successes—and great personal failures.

  • The Language of Leadership

    Treat your attendees to a sneak preview of the insights from the upcoming book, The Language of Leadership, before it hits bookstores in late 2020. Krister will create a custom keynote to your unique objectives drawing from the various languages of leadership outlined in the book.

    Like a master chef, Krister takes time to understand your objectives and tastes, then he handcrafts a keynote from a menu of communication topics including the Languages of Confrontation, Courage, Employee Engagement, Vision, Emotional Intelligence, Requests, Setting Goals, Granting Permission, Encouragement, Curiosity, Accountability, Empathy, Listening, Compassion and more.

    Your personalized keynote will include a combination of: 1) moving personal stories that inspire audiences to take action, 2) practical fill-in-the blanks phrases and simply say-this, not-that communication rules, 3) surprising statistics and research, 4) intriguing, memorable stories from cultures around the world.

    Your audience will walk away from this keynote with a heightened awareness of how their language affect those around them, along with specific phrases to start using—and stop using—that will increase the connection and commitment of the people around them at work (and at home.)
  • How to Build Better Bosses—or Become One

    A variation of the Language of Leadership keynote tailored for senior leaders. In effective, growing companies, the bottleneck for growth is almost always insufficient leadership talent. Promoting from within is not only better for employee morale and retention, it’s more cost effective and lower risk. Senior leaders will learn concrete tools and insights that accelerate the development of high-potential leaders within their organization. In the process, they’ll also learn upgrades to their own leadership language that will drive increased commitment and results from top performers.

    Your audience will walk away inspired to become better bosses themselves along with concrete, immediately actionable strategies and language that they can use to coach up-and-coming leaders in their organizations.
  • The Language of Employee Engagement

    In talent-constrained industries and growing businesses, the difference between good companies and great companies is talented people—attracting talented people, retaining talented people, and increasing the engagement level of talented people.

    What’s the secret to cultivating long-lasting, results-oriented and highly-committed relationships with talented people?

    Build better bosses. According to the Gallup Organization, a boss’s behavior accounts for 70% of the variance in employee engagement.

    And what’s the fastest, most practical way to build better bosses—or become one?

    Upgrade your Language of Leadership.

    Former CEO Krister shares the leadership secrets that led to remarkable 99.3% employee engagement levels and five consecutive Top Workplace Awards. He shares moving, perspective-shifting stories from around the world to illustrate simple, actionable language adjustments that leaders can use to create deeper connections and increase the commitment of the people around them.
  • The Language of Emotional Intelligence

    Emotional intelligence didn’t come easily to Krister. A once-upon-a-time introverted, software engineer, Krister was known amongst his employees for being direct, matter-of-fact and tough. Despite reading stacks of business books on emotional intelligence, Krister didn’t unlock the secret to emotional intelligence until he discovered how the communication secrets of The Language of Emotional Intelligence.
    Join Krister on a journey to outlandish places and meet the intriguing people who taught practical fill-in-the-blanks tools to speak with more emotional intelligence.

    Your audience will walk away with perspective-shifting insights as well as specific language to immediately increase their emotional intelligence and build deeper connections with the people around them.
Krister was a memorable and incredible speaker. His talk had the audience fully engaged in his inspiring story of the unique, practical, and surprising leadership lessons he learned during and after his time as a successful CEO.

—Bernice Chao, Creative Director, TEDxCulverCity

Krister blends Brené Brown’s compassion with Dan Pink’s discovery and storytelling. Powerful yet humble. Energizing yet practical. Krister shares surprising approaches from around the world that make a huge impact.

—Chief Credit Officer, Enterprise Bank & Trust

I would highly recommend Krister for your next keynote. Krister’s approach to leadership is all about discovery. He takes you on a journey looking in unexpected places for the secrets of leadership.

—Vicki Hawarden, VP of Events, Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

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