Lane Garrison

Lane Garrison

Actor turned Activist

From Prison Break to prison and back, Lane Garrison is living a real life hero’s journey. Growing up in a broken home in Dallas, Texas, Lane learned at an early age that if he wanted to achieve success in life he was going to have to work hard, follow his heart and believe in himself. After losing both of his parents to illness, Lane and his little sister Amelia were forced to endure a challenging road to make ends meet. Amelia was taken away by the state and placed in an orphanage as Lane worked as a janitor at a local church while living with friends. Lane had always dreamed of being in the movie business and was saving every dime he could to follow that dream. With $400 dollars, a suitcase of clothes and his car, Lane left Texas for Hollywood, promising his little sister that he would make it big and come back to get her.

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Lane was overwhelmed by the size of the city and the business that was not usually fond of outsiders. It did not deter Lane, he was in it for the long haul and worked countless jobs to pay for acting school as well as studying the art of screen writing.

After years of hard work, Lane’s passion and raw talent won him a starring role in Fox TV Series PRISON BREAK as 'Tweener.' His other acting credits include 'Donnie' in Paramount's SHOOTER opposite Mark Wahlberg. He also starred as the lead playing ‘Heir’ in the critically acclaimed indie QUALITY OF LIFE, and the Hank Garland film CRAZY.

As a screenwriter, Lane has sold two feature films: the romantic comedy CHASING FATE for Maverick Films (with co-writer Mark Famiglietti) and SUCCUBUS, a horror comedy at MGM.

While all of these accomplishments might seem like a fete, Lane faced the greatest challenge of his life when he got involved in a drunk driving accident, leaving a family without their only son. Knowing the grief he caused, Lane pled guilty and found himself going from playing a role on Prison Break to living a real life behind bars. Lane spent two years at eight different prisons in the state of California. This is his story, real, honest and raw. Since this ordeal he has re-branded himself and has dedicated his career to helping people make better life decisions.

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