Lauren Maillian

Lauren Maillian

Founder and CEO of LMB Group


Building a Successful Brand in Crypto

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are set to become the new normal in business— decentralized and encrypted systems are creating efficiencies that can’t be ignored. The business case is clear and now brands must think about building a compelling case for consumers. The key is in breaking down such complex information to share with new audiences for consumer adaptation in the market. Lauren explores the best ways to storytell an untold story of technology to build brand awareness and connection.

The Tech Tilt: Advancing Trends and Consumer Connection in Digital/Technology

Technology has made it easier to connect with consumers and to know exactly what they want and when. Digital-first brands are disrupting industries by advancing trends and anticipating the needs of consumers based on insights and analytics that drive on-time consumer engagement. The benefits are great, though the risks aren’t considered enough. Learn how to deepen consumer connection without causing a divide that leads to abandoning the audience you might want later.

Leading While Woman: the Fearless Drive for Disruption and Results

There is always a way to do it better. Women are known to be warriors for their fearless spirit, courageous approach and resilience to adversity. Those skills are often applauded at home, yet unappreciated in the the office. For the ambitious women who are eager to succeed and effectuate change, this talk is for you. You’ll learn to shake it up and strike out big.

Dispersing Disruption: Driving Innovation Through Diversity in Technology

All innovations are not created equal, neither are the opportunities for inclusion and advancement. The world is an ever-evolving melting pot of cultures and experiences that must be baked into the DNA of brands and products in order to serve a market that is representative of the world today. Diversity in technology has long been a responsive means of course correction instead of a business case to successfully disperse diversity into organizations designed to serve the mass market. The dollars follow diversity. Lauren breaks it down.

Developing the Next Generation of Women Leaders

Lauren shares her own path to personal growth and offers both young women and educators the valuable lessons she learned along the way. In this talk, Lauren empowers women to dream big and challenges them to push themselves outside of their comfort zone to maximize their full potential and become pioneers by embracing risk and seizing opportunity.

Innovation in Entrepreneurship

At age 19, Lauren founded her first business, an internationally recognized and award-winning wine brand, by 25 she founded a boutique marketing firm specializing in strategic marketing and branding of luxury goods, and by 26 she was passionate about technology startups and began advising and investing in early-stage companies. In this talk, Lauren will show you how to identify your passions and weave together a harmonious roadmap that allows you to find success based on the evolution of you and your interests.

Mom: Don't Lose Yourself

Real solutions and practical insight into thriving at motherhood and career successfully. Learn to recalibrate how you define success, normalcy and sanity in two of the most important pillars of your life. Become comfortable with who you are, the construct of your family and learn to maintain your voice and perspective amidst the noise of modern society.

The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top of Your Own Terms

Lauren presents her essential principles to defining, and attaining, success on ‘your own terms’. In her new book, The Path Redefined: Getting to the Top on Your Own Terms, Lauren shares the lessons and tactics that rocketed her to the top of three completely different fields—all before she reached the age of 30. Using her extensive experience as a successful business owner, venture capitalist, and startup advisor, Lauren explains in easy-to-understand terms how to reinvent yourself and plan for success, all while embracing failure by learning from your mistakes. These indispensable tools will help you maximize your full potential without compromising who you truly are.

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