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How I Did It: Josh Linkner, CEO, ePrize

As told to Leigh Buchanan Industry: Advertising and Marketing 2006 Inc. 500 Ranking: 185 Three-Year Growth: 638% “Fat and happy” is no one’s description of an ideal warrior. EPrize, which develops and manages interactive promotions for the likes of General Motors, Target, and HBO, is more than twice the size of its closest competitor, a situation that Josh […]

Consumers Have Little Patience For Brands

Brand loyalty may one day be a thing of the past, as consumers seem to be losing trust in retailers and shunning brands that don’t meet their expectations, a newly published survey shows. To gauge public sentiment about brands, business software company Oracle teamed up with customer experience expert Jeanne Bliss to survey 1,143 adults, with respondents […]

Customer Service Expert Jeanne Bliss Asks, 'Would You Do That To Your Mother?'

Business leaders, contact center employees and sales associates interact with customers every day and are faced with requests, questions and a wide variety of complaints and issues. The customer experience largely comes down to how they respond—is it with a rote reply or a personalized reaction? Jeanne Bliss, president of CustomerBliss, bestselling author and a […]

5 Entrepreneurs Share How They've Handled Client Disasters

Client disasters don’t have to be catastrophic. To read the full article, visit Forbes. When customers go from being satisfied buyers to brand haters, companies should take the opportunity to learn what inspired the change and prevent it from happening in the future — or even turn it around in the moment. Sometimes, though, clients […]

Want to Assemble a Dream Team? Look for EI, Not Just Expertise

Leading a team of skilled superstars? You won’t get far without a heaping helping of EI. To read the full article visit Inc. Leave it to Google to use its own analytical data to support the need for stronger empathy in business leaders. To be sure, most people have long suspected that emotional intelligence (EI) plays a role in […]

The Employee Perks That Actually Work

Ping-pong tables are not a recruitment strategy. Yet some members of leadership and human resource teams think setting up game rooms and throwing occasional pizza parties somehow make their organizations super attractive to potential talent. That’s not the case. This article originally appeared on Glassdoor for Employers. To read the full article, visit Glassdoor for […]

Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Learn How to Defuse Fear

Fear is a time bomb. Here’s how to MacGyver your way out of dread’s grip and become a more confident leader. This article originally appeared in Entrepreneur. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. According to Benjamin Franklin, the only certainties are death and taxes. But with all due respect to the Founding Father, […]

The Creative Future Report

When you think about the future, what do you see? Here at 99U, we believe that creatives hold the ticket to a better tomorrow, especially when they come together and share ideas. That’s why we asked our global creative community for their take on what’s ahead: what excites them, what scares them, and what they need […]

This Is How Good Managers Help Their Teams Deal With Company Changes

I’ve always identified as a change junkie. It’s why I’m in the business of change management, and why I’ve lived in five different cities in the past 10 years. And yet, I make my coffee the exact same way every morning. I want to eat the same cranberry dressing at Thanksgiving each year. I was […]

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