Dow's New Direction: An Interview Between Geoff Colvin and CEO Andrew Liveris


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When Mr. McGuire told Dustin Hoffman's Benjamin in The Graduate that "I just want to say one word to you," and that word was "plastics," he could have been recommending a career at Dow Chemical. It was advice that Andrew Liveris, a new chemical-engineering graduate from Darwin, Australia, followed in 1976, when he joined Dow (DOW). The company produced mainly petrochemicals and the plastics created from them, and it was a good business. But by the time Liveris became Dow's CEO in 2004, that commodity chemical strategy no longer made sense. That's why Liveris, 57, has been turning Dow in a new direction, focusing on unique, innovative, high-margin products, such as recently introduced solar shingles. (Fortune) > View article


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