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A two-time champion NASCAR driver, Julia Landauer shares emotional and fact-based observations and proposes various habits and mindsets that can help you succeed.

Julia Landauer is a NASCAR racer and 2-time champion from New York City, currently racing in the NASCAR Pinty’s Series. In addition to her on-track success, Julia is a graduate of Stanford University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Science, Technology, and Society. During college Julia was a contestant on season 26 of CBS’ reality TV show SURVIVOR. Julia delivered her first motivational speech while at Stanford with a TEDx talk in 2014, and has since developed a narrative that she shares with corporations, conferences, and universities. Julia has built up her brand and business and has collaborated with organizations such as Spotify, Disney/Pixar, and The One Love Foundation and is an advisory board member to Hyundai’s Center for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experience, a part of their Strategy and Technology Division. She has been written about by The New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Entrepreneur, and espnW and is also an honoree of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for sports. As Julia continues to develop her career and brand on and off the track, she uses her platform to advocate for STEM education and women’s empowerment.

  • Can Nice Girls Win (Races)?

    (Women's empowerment, self-betterment, overcoming obstacles, communal success)

    In navigating the male-dominated field of racing, Julia Landauer began recognizing and grappling with stereotypes and negative assumptions about women at the early age of 10. These social and cultural norms have held women back for centuries, yet they must be tackled and overcome. Through colorful stories from her racing career, Julia addresses some of these stereotypes, how she overcame them and the greater significance this process has for women, and men who support women, everywhere. Referencing studies she read about at Stanford, Julia delivers emotional and fact-based observations and proposes various habits and mindsets that can help women succeed.
  • Drive: 7 Tips For Living Your Best Life

    (Motivation, self-betterment, building relationships, working with fear, leadership, competitive advantage)

    In her 17-year racing career, Julia Landauer has learned what it takes to stay motivated for the long run, how to adopt a growth mindset, and how to lead her team to success. Through colorful stories from her life, Julia encourages the audience to hone in on who they are and their self-awareness in order to be the best teammate, leader, and person they can be. Julia also addresses fear, and how we can welcome and use fear in order to go after our goals. Energetic, honest, and vulnerable, Julia's most popular keynote is sure to resonate with any audience.
  • To Take A Risk Or Not

    (Risk analysis, decision making, working with fear, being bold, comfort in discomfort)

    Risk: a necessary scare in life. Some people love risk, others avoid it at all cost. How do we know when to risk something and when not to? Can we take control of our minds to reframe risk? How can we get excited by doing something risky? NASCAR driver, Julia Landauer addresses these questions and more in an entertaining narrative where she takes the audience behind-the-scenes of her career, showcasing how taking risks enables success. Although only 27 years old, Julia has been explicitly molding her career for over a decade. She has experienced success, as well as fought through adversity, gaining knowledge from every experience. Through experiential learning and research, Julia explores what every person can do to achieve the success they want.
Julia was an amazing speaker! Her story is captivating, motivating and exciting and she delivers it in a very authentic way. Her ability to grab the attention of all the people in the room was awesome to watch. We would recommend Julia as a speaker for any type of event. She can inspire anyone to try something new, give everything you have to achieve your dreams and don’t take no for an answer.

—The Zillow Group

Julia brought a lot of energy on stage and was really connected with the young crowd. Her presentation skills were great and support slides exactly what they needed to be.

—Dare 2B Digital Conference

Julia’s expertise as a female, professional racecar driver is naturally compelling -- even more so coming from a savvy, articulate and attractive young Stanford graduate. It was a pleasure watching Julia draw in her audience and keep them engaged from beginning to end. I only wish all of our speakers were as engaging.

—David Hornik, Co-Founder of TEDxStanford

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